2016 09 14 Meeting Minutes

 September 14, 2016

Western NS Chapter Meeting Minutes 

DATE:             September 14, 2016

TIME:             5:00 P.M.

LOCATION:      Fisheries Safety Association of NS, Queens Emera Centre, Liverpool

HOST:            Stewart Franck, FSANS and Janice Rahme, Electrolab Training Systems

SPEAKER:       David MacDonald, General Manager for R.J. MacIsaac Construction

PROGRAM:      R.J. MacIsaac is the contractor hired to demolish two decommissioned navy vessels at Liverpool. Also, they were responsible for demolishing the MV Miner off the shores of Cape Breton and have been involved in other marine-related initiatives that pose significant and unique safety challenges. Mr. MacDonald will share some of the experiences surrounding this type of project.


Blair McKnight – LAE                                                     Stewart Franck - FSANS

Janice Rahme – Electrolab Training Systems                  Wanda Balsor – ENNIS Safety and Security

Kathy Betts – Quality Concrete                                       Dan Oliver – NS Lands

Kerry Morash R.J. MacIsaac – Guest                              David MacDonald - R.J. MacIsaac - Speaker

Darren Webster – R.J. MacIsaac – Speaker                    Jennifer Rodenhiser – Air Canada Cargo

Melanie Bond -  ALL-TECH Environmental


Heather Wright – Scotia Recycling                                  Arminta Kennedy – Program

Conrad LeLievre – CBL Engineering                                Gary Slauenwhite – GP Safety Consulting

Don Foster – Foster Fire and Safety                              Jeff Brett - OHS

Trisha MacIsaac  AwareNS                                             Laurie Alders – Membership Chair

  1. Call to Order at 5:25 pm
  2. Welcome and introductions - Wanda
  3. Approval of Agenda – Melanie moved to approve and Kathy seconded. Carried.

Program – David MacDonald, GM for R.J. MacIsaac Construction provided an overview of the company and the bids, projects and exciting growth in NS. Darren Webster, Project Manager at the Liverpool/Brooklyn site (old Bowater-Mersey site owned by NS Lands) provided detail on the work on the ships. Many local people were hired for this project.   MV Miner was demolished on an island with no services in Cape Breton and EXProtecteur and EXAlgonquin are currently being demolished in Liverpool.

The ships came from Vancouver down to the Panama Canal with an American company and continued with Atlantic Towing after the canal to NS. David and Darren shared with us the importance of doing this work in “green” method as required and under a great deal of scrutiny by DND. The work has included a lot of organization, paper work and hazard material abatement. All details of the ships are carefully logged and some parts are destroyed and all this is monitored.

5.  Round Table –

-         Stewart introduced visitor Andrew Dulong from Scotia Garden Seafood

-         Jennifer asked about CHSE experience qualifications – Stewart offered to discuss this with her

-         Wanda - 

  • Asked for volunteer for the NAOSH planning meeting on September 20 – possibly Amanda
  • MHFA – progress and plans are coming along. Will reach out to Deirdre (Janice reached out to Louis – Web guy)
  • CSSE PDC – encouraged we have a few members attending

 -         Melanie – ALL-TECH Environmental has a full schedule of courses in NB in October and NS in November. She reminded members that their training courses can be used as continuing education points for CRSP and other designations.  The onus is on the student to request this.

-         Kathy ordered and should have business cards for CSSE members. Members can add their names and use them at conferences or exhibits to recruit new members. It will have national’s mailing address and website.

-         David and Blair mentioned Dept of Labour Engagement sessions and that a report will be issued shortly.

-         Blair noted that the Port Pub in Port Williams will be the location for November’s AGM. He said there is a room for 30 and setting is very beautiful. He hopes people will find it convenient for travel.

-         Janice confirmed that October’s meeting will be held in conjunction with MHFA on the first evening and will get that communication out asap.

 6. Review and Approval of May 18, 2016 Minutes. The Draft Minutes posted on line were approved, moved by Stewart and seconded by Kathy. Carried

 7. Business Arising from previous meetings/minutes

  a) Project Planning update (Heather/Bob):

                                      i.        Fall Symposium focus on IRS and attract small business - deferred

                                     ii.        Mentorship – Amanda - deferred

                                    iii.        Mental Health First Aid as a Western Chapter Educational & team-building event Update

 b) CSHE matrix for membership – Stewart – working on the matrix – courses are available at the PDC in Vancouver and 6 courses at the PDC in Halifax next year.

 8. Reports – will be reported through the secretary via email after the meeting

 a) Finance -  Kathy –  report received – expenses since June includes: Joint Meeting - $439.70, Fosters 1st Aid Kits for gifts $412.62, Received MHFA registrations $525

 b) Membership (Laurie) – deferred due to website issues

 c) Program (Blair/Arminta) – MHFA and AGM – any one not attending the AGM to forward their proxy to the Chapter Chair.and reminder of the positions available for 2017 – 2018. Wanda will be reaching out to members.

 d) By-laws Committee (Bob Appointee) Check the bylaw requirements.

 9. New Business

a) Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness‏- Stewart hoped that John Cameron would be at the meeting to speak to this. Invite him again.

 10.Date of next meeting –  October 21 to be held in conjunction with MHFA

 11. Adjournment – 7:50 pm

 Register ASAP for the October Mental Health First Aid course

at Atlantica Oak Island October 21 – 22







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