2016 10 21 Meeting Minutes

October 21 2016 Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2016
Western NS Chapter Meeting Minutes 
Business Meeting in Conjunction with MHFA

DATE:              October 21, 2016
TIME:              5:30 pm to 6 pm
LOCATION:       Atlantica Oak Island in Conjunction with MHFA

In attendance:

Heather Wright             Scotia Recyling                         Trisha MacIsaac            AwareNS

Conrad LeLievre            CBCL                                       Blair McKnight               DOEL

Bob Neilson                  Ennis Safety Services                Stacey Maguire             Mentee at Ennis

Wanda Balsor               Ennis Safety Services                 Lynn Ozon                    Student

Derrick Ozon                 OHS Consultant                        Janice Rahme               Electrolab Training Systems

Stewart Franck              FSANS                                   Kathy Betts                   Quality Concrete


Arminta Kennedy                                   Don Foster                               Jennifer Rodeniezer

Laurie Alders                                         Tanya Newell 

Call to Order 4:24 pm

  1. Welcome and introductions – Wanda – introduced Stacey Maguire from Glooscap First nations – mentor with Ennis. Thanks to the Program committee.
  2. Approval of Agenda - Stewart moved to approve and Conrad seconded. Carried.

  3. Review and Approval of September 14, 2016 Minutes - Blair moved to approve and Bob seconded. Carried

  4. Business Arising from previous meetings/minutes

a. Project Planning update (Heather/Bob): Heather opted out

i. Fall Symposium focus on IRS and attract small business – suggestion by Stewart that we hold town hall meetings similar to what fishing industry does to reach small businesses. A template exists which he will share with the group. The town hall meetings will help meet our mandate of outreach and at the same time give the chapter a higher profile in the community.

ii. Mentorship – Amanda – leave on agenda for future consideration (sr & jr members)

 b. CHSE matrix for membership – Stewart – deferred

5. Reports – will be reported through the secretary via email after the meeting

a. Finance - Kathy – reported balance as of September and will have report for AGM including activity from MHFA.

b. Membership (Laurie) – received report – 40 members with Trisha and Ann not renewing and Laurie not sure of his renewal

c. Program (Blair/Arminta) – AGM – Proxy attached, all positions available, reports required asap

Blair reviewed the plans for AGM at the Port Pub in Port Williams for ~ 30 people, speaker confirmed as Jeannette Combes, Occupational Health Nurse employed by the Office of Employer Advisor. Her topic will be PSTD.

Supper costs include meeting room $32 + Tax + Gratuity = ~$45

Stewart moved we hold the AGM at the Port Pub and that we offer a chapter member subsidy of $10 each. Heather seconded. Carried

Blair moved that we select Jeannette to speak and provide her supper. Stewart seconded. Carried

d. By-laws Committee (Bob Appointee)

6. New Business

Round Table –

Wanda will present service pins at the AGM

Each member who attended the PDC can supply Stewart a 2 sentence report on each session they attended. Stewart will share in the Vice Chair report

Conrad mentioned the Stakeholder meetingmeeting in reference to committee input for regulations

Bob frustrated with the WHMIS process, most agreed.

Derrick working with NS and NF in respect to off shore to harmonize legislation for the maritime provinces.

Heather – companies in NS pressured to buy WHMIS & First Aid training. They are targeted by unscrupulous company. Warning on CCOHS and DOL websites.

Our commitment to conferencing system for members who can’t attend the meeting requires adopting the conferencing system provided by National. Need to test it a couple of times at Executive Meetings prior to utilizing for chapter meetings and events. Learn capabilities to host PPT, audio and video.

7. Date of next meeting – AGM November 16 to be held at the Port Pub in Port Williams 5 pm start

Adjournment – 5:40 pm

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