Western Nova Scotia CSSE Chapter

Annual General Meeting Minutes DRAFT

November 16, 2016

Port Pub, Port Williams 

Attended - 17



Janice Rahme

Electrolab Training Systems

Barry Fitzgerald

Stewart Franck


Diane Lutley

Amanda Dedrick


Heather Matthews

Heather Wright

Scotia Recycling

David Walsh

Blair McKnight

Program Chair

Tanya Newell

Ashley Conrad

rcs Construction

Gail Sinclair

Kathy Betts

Quality Concrete

Jeff Brett

Conrad LeLièvre


Ann Brett

Arminta Kennedy

Program Chair – Self Employed

Shelley Lynch

Don Brushett

Levitt Safety

Paul Collier

Stacey Maguire

Ennis Safety Services

Melanie Bond

Wanda Balsor

Ennis Safety Services

Don Foster

Laurie Alders

Membership Chair


Bob Neilsen

Ennis Safety Services


Deirdre O’Reilly



Greg Greenwood



Jeanette Combes

Office of the Employer Advisor


1.  Welcome & Introductions

2. Approval of Agenda – Stewart motioned approval of the revised agenda and Conrad seconded. Carried

3.  Arminta introduced Guest Speaker – Jeannette E. Combes  - Jeanette’s presentation purpose is to raise the awareness of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the workplace

8:35 pm meeting resumed                                                                                        

4.   Deirdre O’Reilly, Chair of NS Chapter brought greetings from the NS Chapter and National CSSE Executive. Dierdre presented Western NS Chapter with Outstanding Achievement Award with special mention that Laurie was the motivator and organizer of the annual Chain Saw Safety event.

5.   Wanda Presented CSSE Service Pins – Service pins will be presented annually at the AGM. Listed below.

6. Approval of Minutes of 2015 AGM – Conrad moved and Bob seconded. Carried

7.  Business arising from Minutes – there was none

8.  Reports –  Wanda passed chair to Stewart 

              i.        Chapter Chair – Presented by Wanda Balsor – moved by Laurie, seconded by Kathy - carried

Stewart passed the chair back to Wanda

             ii.        Treasurer – Presented by Kathy – Moved by Kathy and seconded by Stewart - carried

            iii.        Directors – Presented by Heather – Moved by Heather and seconded by Conrad - carried

            iv.        Membership Chair – Presented by Laurie – Moved by Laurie and seconded by Stewart - carried

             v.        Program Chair – Presented by Arminta/Blair – moved by Blair seconded by Heather - carried

            vi.        By-laws Chair – Presented by Bob – moved by Bob and seconded by Stewart - carried

           vii.        Vice Chair – Presented by Stewart – moved by Stewart and seconded by Blair - carried

          viii.        Secretary – Presented by Janice – moved by Wanda and seconded by Heather - carried

 9. New Business –

       i.        Review of preferred meeting dates, times and format. We established that January would be held at Ennis on January 11. The balance of the year will be discussed at that time.

      ii.        Election – Laurie as nomination chair presided over the elections.

 Executive Positions & Board of Directors for 2017 – 2018

Chair – Stewart Franck

Vice Chair – Wanda Balsor

Treasurer – Condrad LeLievre – nominated by Wanda and second by stewart

Membership Chair – interim Stewart & Wanda

Program Chairs – Arminta Kennedy and Janice Rahme

Secretary – Kathy Betts

By-Law – Bob Neilson

Directors – Jeff Brett and Heather Wright

Wanda stressed that many hands make light work. Committees and Mentorship will ensure the new positions are successful.

10. Adjournment 9:45 pm – Kathy moved and Stewart seconded.



CSSE Service Pins

 Members will receive their service pins each year at the Annual General Meeting.

The following members received their pins at the 2016 AGM -

30 Years

Laurie Alders

25 Years

Stewart Franck

10 Years

Arminta Kennedy
Wanda Balsor
Kathy Betts

5 Years
Janice Rahme
Conrad LeLievre
Bob Neilson
Heather Wright



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