2017 01 11 Meeting Minutes

2017 01 11 Meeting Minutes - Draft

January 11, 2017
Western NS Chapter Meeting Minutes

Time: 2:00 p.m.
Location: ENNIS Safety Services

In Attendance:      
Don Foster Foster’s Fire & Safety Gary Slauenwhite G & P Safety Consulting
Brenda Davidson Valley Waste-Resource Stacey Maguire Mentee at Ennis
Wanda Balsor Ennis Safety Services Janice Rahme Electrolab Training Systems
Stewart Franck FSANS Amanda Dedrick FSANS
Jeff Brett Retired Shelley Gray DOLAE
Edgar Gaudet EJG Safety Heather Wright Scotia Recycling
Kathy Betts Quality Concrete Inc.    
Don Brushett Arminta Kennedy Jennifer Rodenhiser Bob Neilson
Laurie Alders Tanya Newell Barry Fitzgerald Gail Sinclair
Conrad LeLievre Blair McKnight Denis Robillard Michael Bullerwell
Ashley Conrad David Welsh Greg Greenwood Chris Webb


Call to Order by Stewart Franck at 2:10 pm

  1. Welcome and Introductions – Stewart welcomed all attendees, followed by a round table introduction.
  2. Approval of Agenda - Stewart asked for a review of the Agenda and moved for approval by Edgar and seconded by Gary. Carried.
  3. Review and Approval of October 21, 2016 Minutes – Amendments were adopted and approved by Wanda and seconded by Kathy. Carried.
  4. Program: Building New Partnerships / 2017 Meeting Planning / Town Hall Meeting
    1. Meeting format has been reviewed over the past few years in hopes of bringing more people to the meetings. Surveys with the Members were conducted with always coming back to the same.  Afternoon or evening meetings do not seem to make any difference.
    2. A question was asked of the Surveys; “Are we asking the right questions?”
    3. There was a discussion on inviting members from other organizations to our meetings. Perhaps from the Chamber of Commerce, Board of Trade, Canadian Business Development Corporation (CBDC), Self Employment Benefits (SEB) to mention a few. 
    4. Please feel free to invite any other organizations that may be interested in what the CSSE could do for them and/or their Organization.
    5. Janice is to look into meeting with a Member of the Bridgewater and Area Chamber of Commerce to see if there may be interest, and also invite as a speaker for our May South Shore meeting. May we access e-mail list for the BACC? ACTION: Janice.
    6. There was a discussion on incorporating mentorship in a “Town Hall Meeting”. We could invite other organizations such as the CBDC, Steps for Life and others. This would also provide our Chapter with a great outreach opportunity within the community.
    7. We reviewed a template of what a “Town Hall Meeting” could look like that Stewart provided at a previous meeting. This was well received and the feelings were that it could be a great opportunity to provide our local communities with a lot of good information on what they need to know in regards to workplace safety and their responsibilities as well as legislation changes.
    8. We could develop and promote the Workplace Safety Tool Kits to provide direction to contact CSSE for guidance and support.
    9. Teaming up and supporting other organizations such as Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition events could be beneficial to all. See www.ecfx.ca for info on the Eastern Canadian Fisheries Exposition being held in Yarmouth, February 3-4, 2017. We NEED to be sharing this type of info.
    10. A suggested name for a future Town Hall Meeting: “Building New Partnerships 2017 – The Cost of Safety”
  5. Business Arising from previous meetings/minutes
    1. Review of AGM
      1. Great attendance from the Chapter.
      2. Service Pins were issued to those in attendance who have reached 5, 10, 15… years of service. These pins will be issued at each AGM going forward.
      3. Deirdre O’Rilley, Chair Person for the Nova Scotia Chapter and National Secretary presented the Outstanding Achievement Award to the Chapter, which had been announced at the PDC in September.
      4. The Guest Speaker was, Jeannette Combes, from the Office of the Employer, who spoke on the topic of “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Workplace”.
      5. An Election was held with the Executive Positions & Board of Directors for 2017-18 as follows:
        1. Chair – Stewart Franck
        2. Vice Chair – Wanda Balsor
        3. Treasurer – Conrad LeLievre – nominated by Wanda and second by Stewart
        4. Membership Chair – interim Stewart & Wanda
        5. Program Chairs – Arminta Kennedy and Janice Rahme
        6. Secretary – Kathy Betts
        7. By-Law – Bob Neilson
        8. Directors – Jeff Brett and Heather Wright
    2. Review of Mental Health First Aid Course Event
      1. All in attendance agreed it was an Excellent course. Janice presented a summary to her employer and they are interested in having such a course. Stewart mentioned how the training has been useful in dealing with recent traumatic events in the fishing industry.
      2. It was recommended that we consider hosting another course for those who were not able to attend. ACTION: Chapter Executive/Program
    3. CHSC Membership Matrix
      1. Stewart has spoken to Sheri at National
      2. Will be looked at through the new web-site. ACTION: Stewart
    4. Office of Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness
      1. John Cameron, Consultant, had been asked to come and speak to the Chapter
      2. This was not felt to be of benefit to the Chapter
      3. ACTION: Stewart to look into an ORASE contact and liaise with Janice/Arminta (Programs)
  6. Reports – Full reports to be reported through the secretary via email after the meeting
    1. Finance – Kathy reported on Conrad’s behalf – reported balance as of January 12th.
    2. Membership (Stewart & Wanda) – 39 Members to date with Stacey Maguire, Mentee with ENNIS Safety, submitting her application today. Welcome Stacey to our Chapter!
    3. Program (Janice & Arminta) reported potential topics and Building Safety Partnership events for the next few meetings
    4. By-laws Committee (Bob) – No changes have been made to the By-laws.
  7. New Business
    1. NAOSH Week 2017 – will be held May 7th to 13 – Kathy to represent our Chapter at the National NAOSH Meeting held in Halifax.
    2. Steps for Life – the information for this event will be available on February 1st and discussed at our next March Meeting. ACTION: Stewart will check to see if one is scheduled for the Valley. If not, we can participate in the Halifax walk.
    3. PDC Halifax 2017 – the Professional Development Conference is being held here in Halifax on September 17th to 20th.
      1. There have been pins ordered on behalf of both Chapters in Nova Scotia, which will be distributed in the Delegate bags. All Chapter Members will also receive one. They are of the Blue Nose. Nova Scotia Tartan ribbons will also be worn to indicate local chapter members.
      2. There is a sub-committee in place to work with National on the PDC. The members are: Stewart Franck, Barry Fitzgerald, Deirdre O’Rilley and Paul Wescott. They are looking back at previous Executive Meeting to review opportunities missed.
      3. A couple of items the sub-committee have been asked to work on are: 1) First Time Members Meet and Greet, 2) a Tuesday night social (Plank’R Down was suggested as a good local band), and 3) tours.
  8. Members Comments
    1. There is an event held each Fall in the Valley called “Thunder in the Valley”. It was suggested by Wanda that we consider putting our name forward for getting involved with the collection of recyclables during the event. ACTION: Wanda
    2. It was suggested that we contact Gary Ramey about another Safety Symposium on the South Shore. ACTION: Stewart
    3. Wanda suggested we look at a Trust Fund – Youth Education / High School
    4. It was suggested that we look at something in the High Schools, perhaps during NAOSH Week, to promote awareness. Shelly suggested some respirator info and fit testing. We could host a show and tell by taking different types of equipment to show during the discussion. Perhaps – spot the hazards.
    5. Conrad has been in touch with the Registry of Motor Vehicles in regards to any changes in the definition of “use” of a hand-held cellular device. This is as a result of a person getting a charge dropped for driving while using a cell-phone back in 2015. He was talking to SIRI and looking for directions. The Judge said Nova Scotia has not adequately defined the “use” of a cellular device. As of yet, it is not clear if our Motor Vehicle Act has been updated to more clearly define “use”. The RCMP will still be pursuing charges, but doubt that they are being as vigilant as before. The Motor Vehicle Act here in Nova Scotia needs to be updated.
    6. Conrad forwarded a comment regarding the Federal Worksites and Canada Labour Code Part II. He stated there was an interesting Canada OH&S Tribunal decision in recent months affecting the way that the CLC Part II refers to Standards. Some of the Standards referenced in the CLC Part II are way out of date. Some even reference Standards from the late 1970’s. The Tribunal decided that the date mentioned is the only one to apply. He recommends the CSSE encourage the Federal Government to update these Standard call-outs.
    7. It was asked if others were having issues with the CSA website free access. Seems to be working fine for most.
    8. It was also noted that the NSPA-Fire Standards have free access.
    9. Heather reminded the group of companies being targeted by people trying to sell WHMIS -2015 – training using aggressive unscrupulous marketing tactics. Be aware and share.
    10. Shelley advised that NS may adopt ACGIH TLVs and BEIs for a given year rather than referring to the most recent. This is cause for concern.
    11. The question was asked if the group feels the need to or would they use in the future the Conferencing system. This would be used for members who are unable to attend the meetings. It was felt to be an added value to their memberships. ACTION: Kathy/Janice
March 8th 2:00pm Pinehurst Hosted by: Stewart Franck & Janice Rahme
April 12th 5:00pm ENNIS Safety Hosted by: Wanda Balsor & Heather Wright
May 10th 5:00pm NAOSH Week Building Safety Partnerships meeting
June 22nd Noon Halifax Hosted by: Nova Scotia Chapter
Sept. 13th 5:00pm Waterville Hosted by: Don Foster
Oct. 11th 5:00pm South Shore  
Nov. 8th 5:00pm Mahone Bay AGM - possibly Rebecca's


Stewart, on behalf of the Chapter, thanked Wanda and ENNIS Safety Services for hosting the meeting.
Date of next meeting – March 8th @ 2:00 pm to be held at the Pinehurst Hall and hosted by Stewart and Janice.
Adjournment – 5:20 pm

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