2016 04 20 Western NS Meeting Minutes - Approved

2016 04 20 Western NS Meeting Minutes - Approved

April 20, 2016 Meeting Minutes -DRAFT

 12 Attendees

Blair McKnight                           DLAE

Wanda Balsor                           Ennis Safety & Security

Conrad Levievre                        CBL

Mike Carter                               Annapolis Health Authority

Chris Webb                               BioVectra Inc.

Laurie Alders                             CKF

Kelly Janes                               CKF

Tanya Perkins                           DLAE

Shelly Lynch                             DLAE

Pat Hudgins                              Harmony Safety Services

Arminta Kennedy                       CSSE Program

Heather Wright                          Scotia Recycling Ltd.


Don Foster                               Foster’s Fire & Safety Ltd.

Janice Rahme                           Electrolab Training Systems

Stewart Franck                          FSANS

Dwayne Robarts                        Stonehouse Safety

Gary Slaunewhite                       G & P Safety Consulting

Gail Sinclair                               South Shore Regional School Board

Don Ross                                 Transportation Safety Board of Canada

Kathy Betts                               Quality Concrete                       

DATE:                        April 20, 2016

TIME:                        5:00 P.M.

LOCATION:   Department of Labour & Advanced Education, Kentville NS

HOST:                        Blair McKnight

PRESENTER:              Dave Campbell

1.     Call to Order - 5:05 pm 

2.     Welcome and introductions

3.     Approval of Agenda

4.     Program: Arminta introduced Dave Campbell

Dave Campbell has his Masters in Education, CRSP, CHSC and has been teaching the OHS program for last five years at NSCC in Halifax at the IT Campus. He has been with NSCC for 16 yrs. and before that with National Defense for 16 years. Dave will be travelling to Scotland and England in June to do genealogical research.                   

5.     Round Table

a.     Mike mentioned that NS Health Authority will be hiring safety professionals soon. Keep your eyes open for job postings on Career Beacon.

b.    Conrad informed us that amendments are being proposed to the NS OHS Act and will be going to legislature soon (see attached).

6.     Review and Approval of March 9, 2016 Minutes. No motion carried (to be completed next meeting)     

7.     Business Arising from previous meetings/minutes

a. Project Planning update (Heather/Bob):

         i.  Fall Symposium (Fire hall type setting unless govt. funding is approved). Would like to focus on IRS and attract small business.

        ii.  Amanda is working on putting a mentorship event/proposal together.

       iii.  Mental Health First Aid as a Western Chapter Educational & team-building event; Heather to bring proposal and updates next meeting.

       iv.  Wanda to send Heather template for requesting funds from DLAE.

b.  NAOSH Launch Event – Hosted by NSGEU on May 2, 2016. Registration information attached.

c.  CSHE matrix for membership – Stewart to report next meeting.

d.  Chainsaw Awareness - Community educational event with a great turn out; see Laurie’s report attached. Thank you Laurie for organizing this wonderful event!

e.  Steps for Life – Only 5 members signed up to walk so far on April 30, 2016. Love to have more people register.

8.     Reports – will be reported through the secretary via email after the meeting

a.     Finance - Did receive $750 from national office but will be recorded in 2016. Full report will be completed next meeting.

b.    Membership (Laurie) - status quo.

c.     Program (Blair/Arminta) – Suggested Old O for June Joint Chapter Meeting and perhaps a speaker to talk about upcoming changes in NS in regards to safety legislation and changes in DLAE.

d.    By-laws Committee (Charles); none sent in.

9.     New Business

a.     Wanda mentioned that all positions within our chapter are up for grabs this year. She and Stewart are working on implementing a mentorship program for people entering new roles which will hopefully, generate more interest in taking on these responsibilities.

b.     Looking for updates on National Education Committee.

10.  Date of next meeting –  5:00 pm on May 18, 2016 at Michelin, Bridgewater

11.  Adjournment - Wanda thanked Blair for hosting 7:15 pm

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